Copy Cat Recipes, Be a Restaurant Chef in Your Own Kitchen Part I

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"Copy Cat Recipes made in your Kitchen"

There are a number of Copy Cat Recipes that suggest that you can make your favorite Restaurant dishes or appetizers.

With the cost of living,cost of gas, and the fact that I have a son in college I would love to learn how to cook these dishes. As long as the ingredient list is not too long and I could probably find most of the ingredients in my pantry.

Just think if you could make these dishes and they came out just as good or better than the resturants.

Your Family and Friends would go crazy, better than that you would save a great deal of money. Let me see when we go to our favorite chain restaurant as a family of four I always have to bring two extra people Grant ($50) and Jackson ($20) at the minimum and I better not order an alcoholic beverage.

Let's see for probably $30 or less you could purchase the ingredients spend a little time in your kitchen make the meal and actually don't mind if your spouse or kids ask for seconds.

Of course if your recipes turn out great you would probably stock your pantry with the products you need.

Wouldn't it be great to take a restaurant recipe and make it your signature dish. You know the type of dish that your Friends and Family beg you to make or can't wait for you to show up to their house with.

"Learn to Steal Food Legally with Coupons."

Well I'm back with great news!!! I just finished making 2 recipes from the Recipe Secret book and am looking forward to making more.

The first recipe was the Red Lobster Cheese biscuit, it was just as delicious as in the restaurant, my wife was floored by the taste. It wasn't as difficult as I thought but how difficult would it be as we always send the waiter or waitress back to the kitchen at least 3-4 times when we go to Red Lobster.

The second recipe was a favorite of mine from awhile ago as a kid. The Entenmann's Pound cake, after mixing the ingredients I can see why it was always so good. Ok so this time I had my mother taste the cake and she couldn't believe it. She asked me three times if I actually made the cake.

I will now move on to dinner entrees and see how it works, I definitely recommend the Recipe Secrets Cookbook Click Here